Taiwan Trip

You know I like kinda super lucky girl in the world. Can Imagine that after 2 years I could trip in Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Hongkong, China, and Taiwan for free. Yeah, you hear right, free. Not only free Tour but getting money too for shopping. My Aunty paid for me go with my grandma. I protect her, bought her bag, and be a nice friend.

My trip its so wonderfull, not cheap tour but expensive tour. 4 stars hotel, delicious eat, great sight, wonderfull place, and lovely photos. You can call me lucky girl, hahaha. I almost 29 and this is so fantastic because I never go trip until 27 old. Nor in Bali. But I think God so kind that He give me surprise. I pray every night for travelling gift almost 2 years, and that’s done. Thanks for my aunty too.

My tour in Taiwan its.. You know little dangerous, cause I we fight with Tai Fung Wind in Samudra Pasific. Days 3, we must go to mountain and sleep in the 5 hotel in Taitung but The tour guide said we must back in Taipei, If not, we fight with Tai Fung Wind, that’s so dangerous. We can’t go back Taipei on time, and must paid hotel for one night. That’s other alternative, we can choose back to Taipei or stay go to mountain for sleep in 5 stars hotel.

We confuse. But one minutes, tour leader said, we go to mountain and stay in 5 stars hotel, but when Tai Fung come, we must stay in hotel and didn’t continue in next hotel but back to Taipei. All agree. 5 stars hotel we miss? No way!

And tomorrow the miracle comes. Taifung go away in the south and second taifung go to Japan, yay! Save my day.. Thanks God.. That’s so amazing, we said horayyy..


I love Taiwan snack,  expecially noddle.  Its different noddle with indonesia.  The noodle have a real meat,  imagine,  instant noodle with real meat,  ow,  that’s so yummies.  I bought 5 packs and keep it myself.  I want go back there.

Taiwan have lots night market in Taipei, Taitung,  and Kao Shing.  I love go there alone but when i relise that i cant speak mandarin,  i must go there with my tour leader.  And so we are….   explore in 2 night market with shopping plastic bag in both hand,  and also didnt forget buy cherry fruit.  Never had in indonesia.  Only 100 taiwan dollars.


I bought bakpao snack in the night market,  the ingredients is flour,  bacon,  and white vegies.  so delicious. Then we are drink bubble tea.  Taiwan bubble tea its famous in indonesia.  But the price isnt friendly.  Rp. 24. 000, – In indonesia currency,  but only 35 NT in taiwan.  I drink twice.  LOL.


Who the boys? he is promotion billboard – become.  He work for money.  Standing alone on the street,  in front of supermarket.  You know,  the outside it so hot weather.  And i think he must sweating.  He is boy,  but work very hard.  I just think how much money he get?


My dinner in all u cant eat restaurant. Fish steak and noddle.  Not best combination LOL,  but its yummy.  After eat this i eat 2 glass ice cream,  one bowl soup,  one plate chicken nugget,  one bowl pudding and fruit,  and one plate pasta.  Oh noooo my stomach! Rainy day makes me hungry.
To be continue….


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