In Slow Motion Life

In Slow Motion Life

Wakeup…… at 6 Am

Prepare to Office…. 2 hours

Work…… 8.30 am to 6.00 pm

Home with read novel, BBM, blogging, dinner, watch movie….. until 10 pm

What’s else ?


I dream to become business woman but not getting start,

I dream to write novel seriously but everytime I want to start text it, my idea was blank.

I never start what I dream… its still dream cant become reality

This is my slow motion life … useless, is anyone like me?

I hope not coz the risk is :

You can be old woman without money coz u have no skill, too lazy for join any course

You can be fat woman just only sleep in bed and doing nothing

You can be jealous woman and see other success people can be travelling anytime without worry about their money

Bad risk to do slow motion life…

Can I change the rule someday?

I enjoy my slow motion life 27 years ago but now… this is my rush life…tik tok tik tok

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