He is Pig with “Big Mouth”

I cant hate with this people who name is “L”, but my head feel burning when I hear his name.  He said something to my boss and make him angry with me. Sounds great?! Little problem be bigger because he made it. My boss feel that I am so stupid accept command from another people. But Every human in office do politic strategy to make another people worst. If you ask me, I following the politic trick? I would say “I am Neutral”. I am run fast in another “free” side of people who want pressure me. I am not politic fans, but I like so much what people do, bad or good. I am searching, listening, and be like “stone” near people who insult another people.


IMHO, But I think its normal when some people “lots talk” type have big mouth,  and cant keep a secret.


I love secret, and you can tell me. 😉




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