Trouble is a Friend

My big problem about wedding money its over. I have it from my saving and my salary. I think when company give me New Year bonus, my wedding budget can be complete. Thanks God, its Yours. I never scare again about money because He always give me a miracle when I needed. He know the best what I am need. He know it, and I believe Him.

But, The worst problem begin in last night when my mother cant walk. God, she so sickness. When the feet starting walk, her crying. I can see my mother crying for first time and its make me hurt. Very hurt. I try to help her, when take a pee in bathroom and drink some water. My mother never sick like this. I wake up in the middle night (as long as you know that I never wake up in the night, I am to lazy for cutting my dream :)) But, I am not sleep last night. I help her go to bathroom.When I would go to Office today, I feel sad and wanna go back home to protect my mother. For helping her. Everything she want.

God, I love you and I love my mother. Helping her. Vanish her sickness and I believing all her sickness gone over with Your Hand. God Please…


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