Start for Being Investment Mom

tips-for-working-mom“From Shopaholic with zero saving to be investment mom with more saving and protection”. I change my mind set that we must let money find us than we find money for paying bills and entertaiment. I am not girl anymore , now I am mom with one child. Not enterpreneur with lots money for future, but I am working mom with little money for investment. So I think money its not important for now because I still work, but its more important in future after I jobless and my children still school. I break my rules about money.
1. I am be money searching.
I work all time, six days per week for get my salary. If I sick, They cut my salary and … I cut my shopping list.
2. My saving is zero.
Zero means I dont have any saving for future, now my saving still zero but I have house, education investment, gold, and other
3. I am quit then I have nothing
I have lots stuff for sell and sometimes I have surprise that my stuff is so expensive in now, and I make my own garage sale. I can make delicious snack for sell. I have skill for making money come to me.
4. I have child so I just focus for protection my child.
I work as fulltime mom and I almost didnt have time for playing with my baby, so how I share my time to get money if I be housewife?
Housewife means independent job. You can increase your skill, passion, brain, and emotional better than working in office. Studying cooking, craft, join club, be enterpreneur, school its other name skill investment.
So… I learn much to growth my money in future


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